Wednesday, October 07, 2009

It Sux to Be in Flux (Again)

Sorry doesn't cover it.
This is, I know, a feeble excuse, but it’s the only one I have right now.

I don’t have time to write, and I won’t be writing a ten-part series to explain why, either. All I can say now is that I’ll be back — soon. The only thing I’m making time for right now is (with regard to blogging), quite selfishly, a new blog on hockey that I started a few weeks ago. I’ll talk more about that here as well, just not now.

At the moment my life is in a state of flux; what kind of flux I don’t really want to say — because I don’t really know for sure, but given the current state of the economy, you can probably guess what it has to do with.

What I do know is that things are changing and I have to roll with those changes. Sometimes rolling is a lotta work, and right now I’m like a duck in the water — calm on the surface, but underneath, paddlin’ like a mofo — and hoping it’s not hunting season.

But don’t worry about me — I am and will be fine.

If you want to contact me, my email is in my profile.

If you care about the NHL and want to read what I’ve been doing, blog-wise, for the past three weeks or so, you can go here.

Again, forgive my absence from this space. I know that I had some high hopes for this current series, which is now no longer a series (and yes, JWL, you were right). It was a good exercise while it lasted, but alas, shit happens.

Shit is certainly happening right now.

Talk to you soon...