Thursday, November 11, 2004

Just flew in from Dallas —
and boy are my arms tired!

...Not to mention my head, my heart, and everything else.
I am so sorry to have left everyone who has been looking for a new post hanging, but I got back in from Dallas Tuesday evening and was so overwhelmed by the previous two days that I just couldn't do anything but crash. Wednesday I had taken the first half of the day off, so I tried to, and did write a little on my next post, which will be to answer the "ask me anything" deal that I included on my previous blog entry before I left. I still have some more to do on that before I get into the major story of my just-concluded trip accompanying my younger brother to IU Medical Center in Indianapolis.

Unfortunately, this was not a good time for me to take off because of my current workload, and when I got back to work yesterday afternoon I was slammed from the get-go. My brain and emotions have been in overdrive for the past four days and I'm really having difficulty wrapping my mind around all that has gone on.

This is nothing more than a preliminary post to say that I am back, alive, and under the circumstances, functioning fairly well. The news was not good however, and I know that a time is coming very soon when I will hit the wall emotionally. It hasn't happened quite yet, but I anticipate it may happen as I'm writing the story. I suppose that subconsciously, that's one thing that has kept me from getting started on it. I will, however, get into it very soon, but not today. I have to deal with my job responsibilities first, and may or may not write much at night. I'm really not sure right now, and I apologize for the ambiguity. It's just that my whole world has been turned upside down in a way that I've never experienced before.

Even the shock fifteen years ago of learning that my big brother David had Alzheimer's disease wasn't so devastating as that of learning that the same fate has now befallen my younger brother, Lbro, my closest friend in the entire world.

That's all I can say right now. I can't deal with anything more at this point. Gotta get back to work. Thanks for all of the support and kind words, everyone. I love and appreciate you all.
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