Tuesday, March 15, 2005


This is a mini-post in which I thought I’d wedgee a few announcements.

First off, I wanted to call attention to something that a few of you have already noticed. I have updated my blogroll and links there in the right hand margin. In light of my blogger tribute series, I've placed some of the “bloggers of extinction” in their own section for easy selection. I invite you to visit the archives of those that are still available. They're all just as great a read now as they were when they were first written.

I have also added the “new kids on the blog,” of whom I wrote in the final entry of the series to my blogroll. Please visit them if you haven’t already. I think you’ll like what you read.

Finally, I’ve gone into each of the links and updated the “ALT” tag popup message for all of my friends. Just mouse-over the links to see the message. I hope you like ‘em.

Archive page updated
I apologize that I have been horrendously derelict in my duties to keep my Story Archive Index updated. Well I have now done that, and from now on I’ll reference the date of last update there along with the link, also in the right hand margin.

All links on the archive page and blogroll are now formatted to open in a separate browser window, avoiding the hassle of “back-button purgatory.” Enjoy.

She’s NEXT!
The photos are scanned, the story is almost written, and your opportunity to meet the REAL Nanner-Peach is just around the corner.

She has already blogged about it, and now it’s my turn. Tomorrow, March 16th, I’ll be posting my account of the AJ/Inanna encounter from March 5th here in Nashville. We had a great time together and I’ll be sharing a few of my perspectives on this wonderfully talented, irrepressible fellow blogger whom we all love so well. Stay tuned.
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