Thursday, April 21, 2005

Flashing in Atlanta

A strange trip of a different kind
Hey all, just a short status post (which I really should have done before I left), to say I’m sorry for my lack of activity lately.

I’m currently in Atlanta for the software training I mentioned a few posts back that I said would be a pretty big deal in importance to my career path. This is day two of a three-day-brain-wrinkle fest with Macromedia Flash, a program I’ve used now for three years, but whose functionality I had only scratched the surface of previously. So far, so good, but it’s been a tough go. Although I’ve been a Web developer now for just shy of ten years, I had never gotten into code-writing outside of plain ‘ol HTML. And of course, the training I’m getting here is heavy into code-writing and a number of other concepts that are fairly new to me, so I feel like I’m treading water at the deep end o’ the proverbial pool — and boy are my legs gettin’ tired!

I actually brought an old back-up computer with me in order to be able to write while I’m here, but then realized that in copying over my most current files, I missed the Word document that had my current Long Strange Trip series on it, thereby forcing me to re-write three pages of yet-unposted story from memory if I wanted to try and continue it from here, as was my original plan.

That being said, I just wanted to let you know that I’m not going to attempt that at this point, but I promise to get right back into things this weekend (sorry ‘bout that, Phoebe…).

I will however be posting a short blog tonight or tomorrow on my meeting with EvilScienceChick. I’ll be meeting Reagan and Kev for dinner tonight, and I’m really looking forward to my latest in-person encounter with another citizen of Blogland...that is, provided I can make it to the restaurant without getting killed by these zany Atlanta drivers first. *LOL*

So again, sorry for the lack of posts, but getting ready for this trip was almost as intense as my experience with it now has been. Wish me luck. Hopefully you won’t be hearing any news reports about some guy in Atlanta whose head exploded as a result of information overload.

Blog at you soon…

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