Sunday, December 10, 2006

ELF’n Myself

Just a little Holiday levity courtesy of

If you wanna see this wild lil’ elf do his thang, you can check me out here (you may have to give it a few seconds to load, but I trust it’ll be worth the wait...*hee hee*), then you can do your own Elfamorphosis if you’d like.

But anywhoo, things are still pretty crazy in my life right now, and hopefully I’ll be posting about it soon. But in the meantime, here’s hoping that your Holiday shopping and preparations aren’t making you too looney!

I hope you’re all having fun — despite the stuff I'm dealing with, I’m certainly trying to. I hope you're taking time to love your families and friends; soaking up the season; taking advantage of the opportunity that this time of year affords all of us — to fall in love with life again, if but only for a little while.

God Bless you all, my friends. Talk to you soon...
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