Friday, January 02, 2009

Take a Good Look Around, ’Cuz This Ol’ House is Comin’ Down

AJ New-point-Oh is Coming this Weekend.
Pardon the dust — and when I say, ‘pardon the dust’ I don’t mean dust from construction, destruction, or reduction; I’m referring to the dust of stagnation that’s been collecting on this blog for the past three months or longer.

To many of my regular readers the theme has become more than familiar, it’s been my frickin’ mantra for the past 2-3 years: I need to post more often. Well, lately I’ve been doing some serious self-evaluating. I’ve been pondering whether or not I could even still consider myself an active blogger.

Had I lost my mojo?

Had I run out of things to say?

I mean, I have amassed some work in this space over the past four-and-a-half years. Problem is, 75% of it was done in the first two spins around the blog-sun, from 2004-2006. The past three years have been a blur, and that time-flies-when-yer-havin-fun circumstance hasn't exactly been spent blogging; life’s happened; changes; and happily, a lot of personal growth along the way.

Nevertheless, I didn't exactly want to move with the room. I frittered and fretted over my lack of activity and my steadily declining number of readers; I wasted a lot of energy over my receding-blog angst.

But just when it looked like I needed to hang up my keyboard, something new happened. And I'm extremely glad to announce that I’ve got a lot to say about it! Tune in this weekend to find out what it is.

AJ 2.0 is coming...

It isn’t a re-work; it’s more like a re-birth.

Bookmark me now; believe me later.

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