Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blog Post (Toast)Tease

Yeah, yeah, I know...bad pun
Believe me, tomorrow’s post(s) will be better than this one, and hopefully, there will indeed be two — one here, and one here, on my hockey blog.

I just wanted to give you this little tease to let you know that I’m trying my darnedest to resuscitate this thing, while not completely sacrificing the other blog — and vice-versa.

See, I’ve got this problem: I think too much. I exhaustively research every topic on which I post for fear of mis-remembering, mis-quoting, or generally mis-taking a subject. I hate when I do that, and over the years I’ve become incredibly paranoid of allowing myself to slip into the habit of anything one might consider playing fast and loose with the facts.

It’s one thing when I’m recounting a memory from my own personal life; artistic license is still allowed in that regard. But when I’m talking about other people, places or things that can be (and usually WILL be) verified for accuracy by other peeps, the LAST thing I wanna do is be called to the carpet by someone taking issue with the acc’s o’ my facts.

So all that to say, I’ve become a slow-post. I think about what I write, I love what I write, and I will post no blog before its time. Hence my less-than-prolific output in recent years. Complicate that with the addition of PMFF (which DEMANDS both accuracy and timeliness) and you can see; between doing what I can in trying to find a job, finding and completing freelance work, and writing two blogs, my mind is toast most of the time these days — and I’m loving every minute of it.

My wife doesn’t understand — and I’m not quite sure I do either — but it sure beats the hell outta sitting around and worrying.


Tomorrow — hopefully by the afternoon, I’ll be posting A Place called Blogsville, a very important (for me) look back at this blog and the history of Blogger.com.

I originally began writing it as part of my last, most recent post, wishing my friend Michael a happy birthday last Thursday, being that he has been a large part of my overall experience here on AYBABTU. About halfway through writing the story, I knew it was much too long (heh...imagine that!) to include in one post, so I broke off the Mikey part and continued writing.

It’s nearly complete, and for those of you who may still maintain a space on Blogger, or started here before succumbing to temptation and jumping to Wordpress; and particularly those who still occasionally look in on this blog, who were a part of the community of folks I rubbed elbows with from the days of ‘Kev’s Place’ through about 2007, I trust you’ll find it a fun little romp down memory lane.

On PMFF, I intend to post for tomorrow’s (Wednesday) morning rush, my take on the Nashville Predators/Chicago Blackhawks first-round Stanley Cup Playoff match-up, but from a perspective that not many have thus-far addressed.

So look for that if you’re a follower of my other blog, but be sure to be back here tomorrow afternoon (approximately 3:00pm CDT) for my (possibly) two-parter on Blogger.com

* * * * *

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