Monday, May 31, 2010


Sheesh. Looks like i accidentally posted a blog entry that was in draft mode from three and-a-half years ago that I had pulled up to re-read. Sorry ‘bout that. I know if you view my blog via RSS, you may have already read it. Not much I can do about that now.

For the rest of you browser-viewers, however, I've pulled ‘There’s a reason For the World’ back into draft mode for the time being. And I suppose I owe you an explanation as to why.

This was one of my favorite stories ever, which unfortunately never saw the light of day. I wrote it during a very turbulent time in my life (which coincidentally I’ll be touching upon in the next post of my current series), back at the end of 2006. I never finished writing it because the removable flash drive on which I kept most of my blog post Word docs back then, suddenly crashed and I lost everything on it. I was ALMOST finished with that bad boy too (it was altogether about 5-6 parts long as I recall).

I was so pissed.

In hopes of somehow getting the drive restored, I was going to send it away to one of those data services that charge you the equivalent of your first born child to recover your stuff from crashed hard drives and media (using software that takes about 15 minutes to do the job). Bottom line is, I just couldn't justify the cost, so I shelved the idea until a time at some point in the future in which thought I’d be able to afford it.

Well that day has never come, so I've decided to just attempt re-writing the parts of the story I can remember, from scratch. I did have the first two parts essentially finished and saved previously to the hard drive of my main desktop computer, of which the part I accidentally posted today was the first.

My plan is to go back in and finish the rest of it following this current series, just so I can get that monkey off my back. If I ever do manage to get that pen/flash/thumb drive (which still sits untouched and un-reformatted since the incident) looked at and the data recovered, well that’ll just be icing on the cake. This whole series is gonna be backdated anyway, although I will, as has become my custom, create an “Unfinished Business” post linking to it in my blog’s current timeline.

So there ya have it. If you liked the first part, well, sorry, but you're gonna have to wait for the rest. I can’t emphasize how much I recall enjoying putting that story together, originally, so I only hope that I can recapture my thoughts enough to come close to that once again, now years later.

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