Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Takin' a walk on the light side...

It's probably going to take me a couple days to recover from the heavyness, of research, thought and emotion from the "Out of the Blue" series. I've got a couple of hopefully fun, definitely lighthearted, and thankfully short topics to post on for the rest of the week.

Like my new T-Shirt.

My son spent this weekend at the Bonnaroo Music Festival here in Middle Tennessee featuring Dave Matthews, Bob Dylan, David Byrne, Trey Anastasio, Willie Nelson and many more. He told us all about it tonight at dinner. He had such a good time, but I'm afraid, with the conditions being as he described them, it never would have been worth it for me to go. There were over 100,000 people there. Four people died. It took over 24 hours for my son and his friends to just get out of the place.


Y'know, I'm pretty old, but I just missed out on really having the chance to participate in the "Woodstock Generation." And for the most part I don't think I missed all that much. But now my children are both neo-hippies (or more accurately, neo-hippie wannabees) and while I scoff at them for being the posers that they are, a part of me wants to live vicariously through them.

Did I tell mention that my son brought me home an official Bonnaroo T-Shirt?

It's all tie-dye and what-not...

It's way cool...

My inner-hippie is smiling.
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