Thursday, September 30, 2004

Can We Tawk?

Just one more mini-post
I will be getting back into (and hopefully finishing) my "LA Stories" series tonight, but I just wanted to make a few stream-of-consciousness points today because they've been on my mind.

• I really appreciate you guys. The discussion and flow of positive comments you've all contributed here in the last month have been awesome and extremely gratifying to me. Thanks to all of you for your input.

• A few of us are going through struggles right now on a number of fronts. Some have been expressed that via their respective blogs, others through e-mails or both. Let me just say that I am extremely proud of our community for it's willingness to offer itself for help and encouragement to anyone who needs it. I'm grateful to all who were there to encourage me last week when I was so horribly down. And I'm equally grateful and glad for the opportunity to return the favor.

• Is it me or did someone put Benedryl in the coffee this morning? I'm about to fall asleep here at my keyboard. That’s on my mind too. Must be the change of seasons, the alignment of the stars or some other metaphysical event. I need a nap.

• I'm a very happy man right at this moment, and you guys are largely to blame...Thank you.
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