Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I Dream of Bloggie

If only I really remembered my dreams
This is a quick entry spawned by my third consecutive night of having a blog-related dream. I wish to heck I could remember the rest of them, but recently I became aware of the fact that I've remembered practically nothing about my dreams for several years now.

I have no substantial recollection of the dreams I had Sunday and Monday nights, only that they involved either my blog, my blogger friends, or both.

However the one I had last night, I was mindful enough to get up this morning and jot down a few notes about. I was out at some kind of reception with a bunch of people I seemed to know. Dad and his new wife Helen, were there as well, but they insisted on bringing along a friend who was by all that I could perceive, a loud, obnoxious man in drag who walked like Norm on Cheers but sounded like Gilbert Godfried.

As I walked around talking to people I would tell them about my blog and how writing it has changed my life. This "thing" kept following me and drawing attention to itself, purposely disrupting my conversations and embarassing the hell out of me, saying things like, "Is this the beer swilling convention, or did I get the wrong place again?" A few people would respond with a nervous chuckle, then everybody would stare at me sternly and move on.

I have no idea if it means or represents anything, but I sure felt embarassed when I woke up. Guess it could have been worse. At least I wasn't naked or paralyzed...
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