Friday, December 31, 2004

All is quiet on New Year's Day

Another Holiday Time-Out
Again I just wanted to take a break from the “Never-Ending Story” to wish all my friends in Blogland a very happy and safe New Year’s Day celebration. If you didn’t notice, I just posted another segment of “It’s Still Ticking (Part VII) just before this one. So if you get tired of partying like it’s 1999 this evening and you need something to sober you up, well you’re welcome. Consider it my gift. *LOL*

Amy has already headed back to Chattanooga and Shawn will be hanging with his buddies here locally, while Michelle and I travel to Memphis to spend the weekend ringing in the new year with our friends the Franklins.

So there won’t be any additional new story segments until at least Monday (but I ain’t makin’ any promises for then either). Let me say again how much I appreciate you guys for sticking with me in this often tedious re-hash of my recent trip to Indianapolis with my brother Alex. You’ve been so generous and supportive with your comments. I’m glad to know that it hopefully hasn’t been as difficult to read as it has been to write.

But the good news is that it has been extremely cathartic and healing for me to get it out of my head. I can’t tell you how much better I feel now than I did a month ago. So thanks for your continued support. I promise, 2005 will hold many stories that are happier than this one.

Thanks again for bearing with me. And thanks be to God for placing me in this place and time with all of you. Blogland, if nothing else in my life, has made 2004 a very good year!

Happy New Year all!
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