Thursday, December 02, 2004


Your participation is requested…
Okay, this is gonna be a quickie. I was just reading (at long last) Leese’s blog story about her meeting with Michael last week in SoCal. Naturally I progressed to her more recent story about her favorite songs, her “Soundtrack.” And as these things go, one thing set off another in my brain, which led me to write this mini-post, which if I may, begs your participation.

I’ve written (somewhere) in a previous blog entry of my experience of how I wound up here on I actually have been a part of Blogger since June, 2002, but as part of a group Blog until I started my own last May. Prior to Google’s purchase of Blogger, sometime late last year, it was quite a different animal than it is now, and particularly so since the “upgrade” they made on it last May, adding the templates that most of us now use.

The point I’m driving at is that we obviously all started around the same time — near the time of the big upgrade, when Blogger sort of started again from scratch. I’m anxious to hear a little bit of the story of how you found yourself here. Considering the community that we have built, it should be an interesting read.

I will be busy working on my current “It’s Still Ticking” series over the next day or two, so I’d like to encourage you all to take over my blog for the next 24 hours and tell us all about what brought you here and why you’ve stayed. And also, if any of you have info that is not too confidential about the circumstances of why those bloggers who are no longer around have discontinued blogging, please give us the scoop if you are at liberty to do so.

I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say — and remember, I have the paid-for version of HaloScan, so you can make your comments as long as you want.

Thanks in advance for your participation, all! I’m looking forward to your responses.
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