Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Another Auld Lang Syne

Goin’ down to that Texas town…
Well folks I’m gonna be taking a few days off from Blogland. My Dad is here with me in Nashville and Tuesday morning we’ll be jetting down to Dallas to spend three days with my brother Alex. This will be Dad’s first face time with his youngest son in over two years; approximately one year before Alex began to slip into onset of Early-Onset Alzheimer’s disease.

My Dad has desperately wanted to see Alex since last summer, when we first suspected he had inherited the family curse. But only since his ultimate affirmative diagnosis to that end came down this past November have the cloudy circumstances surrounding him become clear.

My Dad is 81, and in excellent health, however he acknowledges that with him living in Southern California and Alex living in Dallas, each time he sees my brother could very well be his last. So this, as will all of the remaining opportunities for me to be with either my Dad or little brother, be a poignant time for me.

I wish that I had been able to finish the series of stories based upon my last meeting with Alex last November, this week as both intended and attempted, but it just didn’t work out under the time constraints with which I was faced. I plan to finish it next weekend after I return from this trip, and will do my best to make it so.

So until next Saturday, I wish all my Blogland neighbors a great week.

Create well, my friends...

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