Thursday, September 20, 2007

Conference Call

Weekend Trek to Tejas
Just a quick post to say that I'll be the one traveling this weekend. I'm haeading off this afternoon to fly down to Dallas for a web training conference on Friday and Saturday courtesy of The Company.

I'll be traveling with my web co-worker, Trey, and hopefully get a head-full of good knowledge from the conference training sessions and keynote speakers who will be featured at the event.

After the conference, instead of flying back home on Sunday morning, I'll remain in Dallas and spend the day with my brother Alex and his family. It's been just over a year since I've seen my little bro, and from recent conversations with his wife, Seraph, he's going downhill rather quickly. So I'm preparing myself for the worst, but hoping for something better.

We'll be spending about six hours together, and I'm hopeful they'll be as high-quality as possible. We'll see. I'll then take an evening flight back home, arriving back in Nashville around 9:30 PM, so needless to say, my weekend will be full.

It should all make for a very interesting three days. Stay tuned.
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