Monday, September 24, 2007


Please pardon the schoolgirl exuberance, but...
I will definitely have more to say about my weekend in Dallas — both from the perspective of the Webmaster Jam Session 2007 conference I attended on Friday and Saturday, as well as the side trip I took on Sunday to spend some time with my brother Alex.

But just by way of exclamation, please allow me to say (phonetically, mind you), aayoh moy gawd, what a GREAT WEEKEND!

The conference was fun, incredibly informative, and exuded a vibe of camaraderie I’ve felt upon very few occasions in my lifetime, and even fewer in circumstances associated with my profession. It was an extremely energizing and fulfilling time.

Likewise, while quite a bit more reserved, the emotion-packed, but surprisingly loose five hours I spent with Alex and his family was truly special. Sadly, my brother continues along the path of mental detachment at an increasingly rapid pace — there’s no mistaking that. Nevertheless I was delighted to see how much of the real him is still there to enjoy.

It was hard to leave after only a few hours, but it was a really good few hours nonetheless.

As physically tired as I am today, emotionally I’m fresh as a daisy.

In one circumstance I excitedly anticipate the future; in the other, I absolutely dread it. Each situation carries with it a peculiar kind of energy — one that simultaneously soothes and agitates my soul — yet both experiences are invigorating in their own kind of way.

I’m going to need some more time to process the emotions I experienced this weekend — I’m just not sure how much. I took a lot of notes on both scenarios; I'll need some time to transcribe and expound upon those thoughts, but I will be talking about this more in the near future.

Until then, have a great week, all.

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