Friday, February 29, 2008

Well,’s something better...

Amy and Michelle in Louisville
Amy and Michelle in Louisville last weekend
Hmmm...Maybe things aren’t so bad after all.
I guess life can't suck too badly when a guy has two gorgeous women that are a part of it all, huh?

This is a pic I just received from my daughter, Amy (left), that she took of herself and her Mom in Louisville, KY last weekend. The occasion for their visit was Amy's tryout for the prestigious Actors Theater Apprentice Company that’s based there. If she’s accepted, it's a one-year commitment with many exciting potential benefits.

Not only will she receive valuable experience and exposure, participating in master classes with distinguished artists and administrators, including agents, casting directors, guest directors and actors during that time, but many participants who've engaged this opportunity have gone on to find career-establishing connections throughout the country in their pursuit of a life in the theater. It's an amazing opportunity, and we're excited about the possibilities for Amy.

However this is by no means a slam-dunk deal. The candidate screening is highly competitive, and Amy's been through it once before, last year. She clearly admits now that she wasn't ready, and was perhaps a bit overwhelmed a year ago. However she is confident that she's ready now and reports that her audition went well. So we're keeping our fingers crossed. She should find out in a few weeks whether or not she made the cut.

Meanwhile, Michelle provided moral support (not to mention gas money) to allow Amy to relax and stay focussed. They had a great Mom & Daughter roadtrip together. My daughter, who is turning out to be quite the talented photographer, snapped a number of handsome photos, this being just one.

I'm pretty proud of my kids. Hope you don't mind my bragging on them.

Happy Leap Day, all. Have a great weekend!

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