Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wish I had something Better to Say

‘Bad Day’ doesn't say it well enough...
I don't know what I'm doing here 'cept blowin' off steam. I've got nothing nice to say, so I guess I really should just keep my yap shut — but I can't.

I'm having a pretty shitty week, y'all, but if I was looking for sympathy I'd probably have been writing about it long before now.

No, I really don't even want to explain it more than to say I'm just busybusybusy, and in being such, making mistakes at work that are making me look bad and feel worse. I haven't got a whole lot of self-confidence right at the moment.

I need a vacation.

The house is coming together though — I guess that's good news — but even that is rapidly sucking the life out of me. Finding a place for everything; continuing to have to spend more and more, ‘oh...forgot about that’ money; having to devote every minute of every weekend to house-work; everything we’ve been dealing with has been depressing enough to sometimes make me forget about how excited I was a couple of weeks ago when we’d first moved in.

It’s just that we've worked so hard for so long — dating back to last spring when we began this new home adventure — that I'm simply ready for it to all be over with and for everything to be done.

I'm just plain tired and cranky and out of sorts.

Hope I'm not bringing you down with me, but here's hoping there's a little sunshine around the corner soon for all of us — weather and otherwise.

I'm ready for Spring.

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