Wednesday, May 26, 2004 'bout, “Life at AJ's Place”

Just a quick plug to start off with: I'm a little more bleary-eyed at work this morning than usual, due to not getting to bed 'til around 4:00 AM. The reason? I was absolutely glued to the work of my newest literary hero, Kevin at his wonderful blog, "Life at TJ's Place." I discovered it a couple days ago, read a few pages and had intended to finish it gradually. But late last night, once I got started, I just couldn't stop until I'd gotten all the way through it.

As you'll soon learn when you visit, Kevin's blog is about his experiences as the manager of a Gentlemen's Club somewhere in the Mid-West. Obviously, "TJ's" isn't it's real name, for the protection of Kev and his co-workers, but the place might just as well be called "Cheers," because Kevin's wonderfully crafted descriptions and observations make you care about the players in this ongoing narrative much the same way the TV show did.

While it may not change your opinion about strip clubs in general, I can almost guarantee that it will change your opinion about the kind of people who work in them. They're real just like you and me; doing a job to get by the best they can, with predictable flaws and unpredictable dedication. But, the human interest aspect aside, Kevin is most definitely an intelligent, gifted writer with a keen wit and a very comfortable style. He writes like I would very much hope to in time. I can't help but think about the Billy Joel song, Piano Man — I wanna go put bread in his jar and say "Man, what are you doin' here?!" But then if he wasn't there, we'd be missing out on all those wonderful stories...

I briefly thought about changing the name of my blog to "Life at AJ's Place" but, nah...that'd probably be overkill. My tribute will just be trying to make my blog half as interesting to read through as his — although I'm definitely at a disadvantage since I don't have any naked women to talk about — oh well... :)

So go check him out today, or tonight if you're at work right now. But you might want to get started early, 'cuz once you start you won't want to stop until you're all the way through. And I'm sure Kev wouldn't want you to miss out on your beauty sleep.

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