Sunday, May 30, 2004

So which one was this...Memorial Day or “Labor Day” weekend?

Y'know, I've heard a lot of people confuse Memorial Day with Labor Day in conversation before, but this year it seems like I'm doing it in practice. Yesterday was a 12-hour shop-'til-you-dropfest with the wife. We went out and quickly spent our tax refund check on a new sofa, a new gas grill, and various new clothes. We were both exhausted, but really had a great time hanging out for the whole day together, which is something we don't do a lot of at this point in our 25 and a half year relationship. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it is kinda nice to veer off our respective individual courses every now and then to come together and spend the day together.

Now my "Labor Day" weekend continues with a day of yardwork and the maiden voyage of my new Vermont Castings grill. I believe London Broil is on the menu.

I'll rejoin my concert retrospective tonight or tomorrow morning (to be determined by whether or not I have any steam left by the end of the day). My next entry will be about my first "date concert" — The Electric Light Orchestra at the Forum in Los Angeles in 1977.

Have a great Sunday everyone...
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