Wednesday, May 26, 2004

A Jumbled DISQUSsion

This really isn't even a post; it's a casualty of war.
This is a catch-all blog entry created to hold all the unclaimed comments that, by virtue of the malformed XML code spit out by Echo (formerly Haloscan) upon my exporting the over 3,000 comments to my new commenting system, DISQUS, I'm having to fix — the hard way.

At the time that Echo made its “use US or lose IT” power play in November 2009, in order to get the users of the formerly free Haloscan commenting system that they had purchased to put out of business in favor of their own steaming pile-'o-crap system, they offered no "official" means to port comments from Haloscan back to default Blogger comment format, which meant that while I could retrieve my old comments, I could not reinsert/resynchronize them into my blog. This made me extremely angry, since I had actually been a paying user — twice, with two accounts — supporting Haloscan over the years, from 2004 to 2009.

And they give me this? Garbled XML that somehow leaves out the identifier on about 97% of the nearly 4,000 comments, so that there's no way other than the date they were written, to determine which freaking blog post each of them go to?

Yeah I'm steamed alright.

I am now faced with the arduous task of manually editing the XML code, going through each comment — hoping I can discern the context and date of each entry — enough to divine the blog post they were supposed to attach to; and then insert the proper ID for that post into the code. Fun, right?

That's where this post comes in. It's backdated in order to not show up in my current blog timeline, because I really don't need anyone finding it 'cept for me. I thought it would be easier to lump-associate all the unidentified comments into one post, and then sort thru them, as opposed to going back and forth between the XML code and the browser to compare dates and what-not.

So if you do find this post, do me a flavor and don't comment on it — even if you're really tempted to make fun of me for talking to myself...aiiight?

Mucho garcias. (and yes, I know I misspelled it.)
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